Business Law




The Law Office of Harold F. Moody, Jr., P.C. represents a number of small and medium-sized business entities throughout the South Shore. The firm is diverse enough to advise businesses in a vast array of areas – from formation through operation.

Business Formation:  We will assist you in choosing the form of business entity most suitable for your business. Whether an LLC (limited liability company), LLP (limited liability partnership), Corporation or General Partnership is most suited for your needs our office can draft the applicable Certificate of Organization, Partnership Agreement, or Articles of Incorporation for filing with the Secretary of State’s office.  The By-Laws, Operating Agreement, Shareholder’s Agreement, Buy-Sell Agreement (or any other document necessary or recommended) is also within the purview of our firm.  The tax benefits of “s” corporation status election for closely held corporations, capitalization and startup issues; corporate formality and structure, employee manuals; policies and other employment related issues will also be reviewed and discussed at startup.  When organizing your business please contact us for the best representation possible.

Business Representation:  The Law Office of Harold F. Moody, Jr., P.C. will be there on behalf of your business for questions and advice regarding contracts, leases, employment agreements, employment manuals and handbooks, employee relations, sexual harassment policies, worker’s compensation issues and a myriad of other business operating questions. As a small business itself the professional corporation known as The Law Office of Harold F. Moody, Jr., P.C. can empathize with and understand the unique and varied demands of business and the value of prompt, informed responses to business inquiries. Our firm is there for your business when you need us most. Let our firm handle your legal issues so that you can concentrate on business.

Litigation: Unfortunately many business disputes can ultimately result in court actions (litigation). Our trial experience allows your interests to be competently and aggressively represented. We wii represent your interests diligently, professionally and passionately for any business dispute you may encounter.  It is our experience that can help provide the advice that may lead to the resolution of an issue and avoid the costly and time-consuming specter of litigation.